working on 0.2 version

I'm working on 0.2 version, it will be available in a  week or so.
Here is a (not official, lol) list of improvements and features:

  • new cars (panda, super quad, maybe more...)
  • new surfaces textures
  • better car lights
  • general bugs correction (respawn, track creation and something more)
  • improvements in cars AI (i.e. no more stupid self-killing jumps :D )
  • big improvements in car controls; the game was really too hard and frustrating to play.
  • new main menù layout and graphic
  • player preferences (laps, number and type of opponents,  kmh/mph, player name)
  • player favorite tracks list
  • best lap and total race time saving for every track with a top 10

See you soon! :)

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Oh sweet, can't wait. :)