version 0.2 RELEASED!!!

 0.2 version is here, here is the list of improvements and new features:

  • big improvements in car controls, now the game is more funny to play... not easy but not frustrating.
  • new cars (panda, super quad, A112, volksvagen van. quad)
  • new surfaces (asphalt, dirt, sand ecc...) textures
  • better all around graphic (some fov effect, some bloom, motion blur)
  • better day/night cycle
  • better car lights
  • bugs corrections (some respawn and  tracks creation problems now are solved)
  • improvements in cars AI, not perfect but better than before :)
  • new main menù layout and graphic
  • player preferences (laps, number and type of opponents,  player name)
  • you can now save tracks on a favorite list
  • best lap time saving for every track

See you soon! :)

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Quick feedback after the first race. The blur I think is way too aggressive. Very odd when seeing it ahead of the car.

thanks for the feedback... Maybe it's too much :)

I hope I understand the problem you reported, I just uploaded a new version ... let me know if it's okay now :) otherwise send me a screenshot;)
Thank you.


I'll check it out. It's just the blurriness. :)

you mean the distant blur or the motion blur when the car is moving?

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The distant blur not the motion one. (I would disable motion blur if I had the option too.. not a fan of blur). :)


Ok, nice advice, I'll add the options to disable distant and motion blur... hope to upload 0.2.2 tomorrow ;)


0.2.2 is here, new options to enable/disable motion blur and depth of field.

I hope you'll enjoy the game!