The future of Draiva

Draiva was a nice way to start learning Unity but too many mistakes were made during development and correcting them is now too complicated... even adding new features to the game is difficult because the design errors caused by inexperience.

That's why I decided to start a new project: Draiva 2 [non-definitive name :)]
The mistakes I made during the development of Draiva will help me to create something better for the next version.

I was also wrong publishing here in an incomplete product (there was so many downloads for a new but incomplete work, then not so much downloads for updates), so for the next version I will do differently: probably a website with devlog and downloads, publishing on only during the final stage of development.

Draiva will only receive minor updates and will still remain available for download.

Thanks to those who supported me during this period, details about the new project will be available in the near future :)

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Will Draiva 2 have a similar look? I think the voxel visuals work really well but are you thinking of changing that? 

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the look will be similar, I'm not thinking about changing so much ;) 

To keep WinXP compatibilty, please compile with unityplayer.dll v2017.2, or at least use this trick:

thanks for the advice :) I'll think about it when I'll build the game.