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Draiva is an old style car driving game with procedurally generated  shareable tracks (by key number for now), many different car models and day/night cycle!

Im a programmer but this is my first try in the world of games development so comments and advices are appreciated! :) 

I'll add some options and features in the future (more cars, better sounds, background music, online track and lap records sharing ecc...).

Keyboard controls:

Arrow keys: gas, brake and steering
Space bar: handbrake

R: back to the track (if you're stuck somewhere)

C: change camera
Esc: pause the game


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win v.0.2.3 19 MB
mac v.0.2.3 25 MB

Development log


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Looks awesome, can't wait to try it!


Glad to hear it! let me know if you enjoy the game :) 

Glad that you are frequently working on it. I'm so fed up with abandoned projects...


iI would like to work more on Draiva But you know, "real" work... :)

Hi! My name's Sasha Zenko. I'm from Belarus. 

I am making hardcore letsplay videos handsfree (using only my chin).  I have a program that allows me to assign keyboard controls to mouse movements.  I have played your game and I think it’s awesome! It's very good. I like it.  

Check out my LetsPlay video:

Thanks for the comment and for the video... next version will be out in a week or so and it will also solve some controls problems (right now is a little too hard to play).
I hope you'll continue to enjoy the game in the future :)

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Can you make it WinXP compatible, please? https://blogs.unity3d.com/2017/07/10/deprecating-directx-9/

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in the next version I’ll enable opengl for windows builds... I hope to release 0.2 in a week.

Thanks for the comment! 😉

0.2 is here, reading the instructions in your link now it should be WinXP compatible.

Let me know! :)

Kernel32.dll error, but i think it's becouse i don't have a webgl3 harware :\

The best way should be to compile the game with UnityPlayer.dll v2017.2, np if you don't and tnx anyway. But if you do, a 32bit is better! :P

I really like the car selection. Keep up the good work. :) 

Thank you for the review!!! :-)

It's been great playing, really nice job. Looking forward to updates. :) 

I hope to have the time to polish, to add more options and to solve some stupid issues (like the bigfoot grip).
I hear you was talking about tracks in the video: tracks are procedurally generated, you can save tracks writing the code number on a paper :D
Welcome to 1988! :P

1988 that was... a good year? Oh yeah, Die Hard came out then. Paper codes & McClane. :)